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Aromatic oils

Aromatic oils

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Aromatic oils

All our infused oils are prepared in our kitchen laboratory at La Maison du Voyageur in Cancale using sunflower oil from France or grapeseed oils.

Infused oils add a sophisticated note to all your dishes. Huile et Cumbavas (Kaffir Lime Oil) and Huile des Sirènes® (Mermaid’s oil) are two of our favorites.

Our infused chile oils round out our chile spice collection. The chile oil range includes mild Huile de Niora (Nora Chile Oil–3 on the Scoville heat unit scale), medium Huile de Morita (Morita Chile Oil - 6 on the Scoville heat unit scale), and Chile de Arbol Oil (8 on the Scoville heat unit scale). This trio will introduce you to the surprising depth of flavors that characterize the fiery spice.

Some of our flower- and fruit-based infused oils are only available seasonally as limited editions. Huile et Fleurs de Sureau (Oil and elderberry flowers) is available in the summer, just after the elderflower blossoms have been gathered from our garden in Cancale and infused in oil in our kitchen laboratory. Huile et Agrumes (Oil and citrus) is made using the peak season citrus we source from Corsica in January.

Season foods with a few drops of an infused oil just before serving, the same way you would add a few grinds of pepper to finish a dish.